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Flying Military Dog Sniper for Medical Care « Pilot.dog

Flying Military Dog Sniper for Medical Care

Mission – Getting Sniper to the Specialist

Sniper was the first dog we ever flew. What a darling soul she had. She is the one to credit for all the dog rescue missions that we’ve done since.


Mission Details

Our Out of Pocket Fuel Bill: $725
Hours to Complete Flying Responsibilities: 16
Flight Hours: 10.5

Orlando to Newport News

Orlando to Newport News

Mission Description

Sniper was all set to be trained to be a military rescue dog to help returning veterans who needed a support dog to help them through difficult times. Unfortunately, Sniper was born with a spinal problem that caused her to not have full control over her back legs. She needed special medical evaluation while she was still young. As I remember she was about 10 weeks old when she flew with us. And she was an awesome passenger.

She was not totally paralyzed. Sniper could walk and followed me all around the airport. It’s just that when she’d come to a stop her rear end would often not get the message and it would go wide. But she was in enough good spirits to enjoy piddling on my foot when I wasn’t looking.

Patrick, Sniper, and Steve

Patrick, Sniper, and Steve

Steve and his friend Patrick, picked Sniper up on Orlando, Florida and flew her to Newport News, Virginia where she was going to get an MRI and other medical attention to see if her spinal problem could be repaired.

Following an examination by the specialized vet, it was felt that with some physical therapy and other non-surgical care she would be able to heal and get to work in the future helping a military veteran in need.

It was a long and hot flight from Orlando to Newport News. It took about 4.5 hours and by the time we arrived we were sad to hand Sniper off but looked forward to the hour flight home and catching up on loads of sleep.

Steve still thinks often about little Sniper and misses her terribly.

We understand that after a medical evaluation it was determined that she would not undergo invasive spinal therapy. She continues to receive care today.

About Pilot Steve
Just a pilot saving dogs.

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