What It’s Like to Fly in Our Cessna 182

Over here at Pilot.Dog, Pam and I share the love of dogs and aviation. The work we do rescuing dogs involves a bunch of skills and one of them is flying. We are always showing you pictures of the dogs but never talk about the flying part. So here is a video about some of the stuff that happens in flight.

Without the flying, the ability to save dogs at the last minute would not be possible. Flying turns a nine hour drive into a less than three hour flight. We can get dogs from one place to another, quickly, comfortably, and with a lot of hands on love.

This is a nice little video for those who are interested in learning to fly or maybe someday want to become a pilot. It shows taxing, takeoff, climbing out, getting on course, looking for traffic, ForeFlight, STEC-30 autopilot, Garmin 430W, Cessna 182, PPONK engine performance, EDM 900 Primary engine monitor, and what it is really like to fly.

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