Where Are They Now – Tonto & Ranger

We just got word that Tonto and Ranger were adopted by a loving family yesterday. These two dogs were the feature of our first flying video story. You can learn more about their flight if you click here.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is that they found a new home together and did not have to be separated.

Their flight video is below.

Steph from Midwest Animal Rescue & Services just sent in this update.

Hi Steve & Pam,

Thank you again for all of your help with Tonto & Ranger! Yesterday they got their last names! They were adopted together by an amazing family. They have a cabin up north where they spend weekends during the summer. They are anxious to show them what lake life is all about and take them out on their pontoon! They will be loved and spoiled! They were as moved as the rest of us by their story and the wife, Karen and I, shed many tears. I couldn’t make it through their story, even nearly 2 months later, without crying.

For me they have touched me so much because in rescue I’m so accustomed to dealing with the forgotten, abused and neglected animals. With Tonto & Ranger I was dealing a family that loved them and took great care of them but because of their selfless decision to protect us, couldn’t keep them. Every rescue is special and they all have their stories but Tonto & Ranger are extra special.

I have attached a picture of myself with Tonto & Ranger that you are welcome to use if you would like. I have also attached a picture with their new family. I hope to work with you both again. Safe flights ahead for all the amazing work you do.

Steph from Midwest Animal Rescue & Services
Steph from Midwest Animal Rescue & Services with Tonto and Ranger
The lucky new family of Ranger and Tonto.
The lucky new family of Ranger and Tonto.

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