Some Sad and Disapointing News to Report About Pilots N Paws

I’m gutted by a call we just received from the nonprofit group Pilots N Paws. Pilots N Paws has been a fantastic resource for connecting us, and other dog rescue pilots, with people who needed to have a rescue dog transported.

We’ve frequently praised Pilots N Paws in national news stories and television interviews for their site, forum, and developing a platform where pilots can connect with rescues who need to give a dog a lift to a new life. In fact they used one of our photos in their 2016 calendar. We thought that was pretty cool at the time.

Sad DogBut as of December 30, 2015 we will no longer be able to help rescues who post requests for help with Pilots N Paws. If we did continue to fly rescue missions that were listed on Pilots N Paws, the Pilots N Paws organization insists we cannot mention or ask for donations in those flight videos or on our site. In fact I don’t think we could write about any of those flights at all on our site. Pilots N Paws seems to want to claim all credit in every way for all flights we would make after being contacted for help by a dog rescue organization through the Pilots N Paws forum.

In the conversation with them I was saddened when it seemed the Pilots N Paws brand needed protection more than dogs needed to be transported cooperatively. At least that’s the impression I left the conversation with after pressing on the brand issue.

There is no doubt that Pilots N Paws is a brand, and it’s their brand to do as they see fit and they certainly solicit massive amounts of contributions through the Pilots N Paws brand name. Kudos for them.

Pilots N Paws also holds a registered trademark for the term Pilots N Paws and lists the accompanying services as “providing a website through which animal rescue providers and aircraft owners and pilots can connect to each other to arrange and discuss the rescue and delivery of animals.”

It appears that a contributing factor for their decision was the submission of Pilots N Paws in the “Best Rescue” category of the World Dog Awards on the CW television network. – Source

Apparently Pilots N Paws was nominated as best rescue for this rescue mission we flew for some great local rescue groups who had posted the request on the Pilots N Paws forum. You can see, the listing of the best rescue submission, below. We did not submit it but whoever did, used Pam’s picture with Red and she is wearing her shirt. We were honored to help Pilots N Paws in any way with the award, including not making a fuss one of our pictures was used without permission.

CW Best Rescue

We bear Pilots N Paws no ill will at all and will respect their position to not assist with dog rescues that we would have located on the Pilots N Paws forum.

But in the interest of clarity, we carefully investigated the Pilots N Paws terms and conditions when using their site and there is no mention of any sort of exclusive credit in the terms and conditions users, rescues, and/or pilots agree to. You can read a copy of the terms and conditions here that were in force. In addition, since we have been flying as we have been in contact with Pilots N Paws, shared links and pictures with them, and there was never any hint of a problem or issue. So you can understand how we were blindsided by the actions Pilots N Paws took.

But again, we acknowledge it’s their ball and they can take it and go home any time they want to.

So we sadly go our separate ways with the demands of Pilots N Paws and depart with our tail between our legs, but we absolutely still feel it’s been an honor to assist so many rescues through their volunteer forum. We were proud to have been a part of Pilots N Paws in the past.

So If You Need Our Help, Look Below

If any rescue group would like for us to fly a dog rescue mission for them we now recommend two resources. Rescues can use our online request form, but we think that listing them on is a much better option to allow both ground transporters and more pilots a chance to assist dogs in need.

Epilogue: Funny how amazing things can happen as the result of change. Read DOOBERT WILL MAKE MORE DOGS SMILE IN 2016.

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21 thoughts on “Some Sad and Disapointing News to Report About Pilots N Paws”

  1. I don’t blame you for feeling sad and disappointed; it actually calls for other words but I praise you for being so polite, correct and a complete gentleman about the whole thing.

    I am sure your valuable volunteer work will continue and many lives will be saved because a kind person is recognized by his/her actions not by a logo!

    I’ll keep on trying to volunteer as a companion in the area.

    Best wishes to you both and Happy New Year!


  2. PnP has been developing some ego issues for years. They assume they know the states laws, and try to tell rescues how to operate, and refuse to assist in certain situations and use the reasoning the rescue isn’t following the law when it is.

    They should more about the dogs than their egos, and let others handle their own business and take responsibility for what they do.. help transport, and let the rescues worry about legal issues that may arise in the course of the rescue. After all, it is generally the rescue’s ultimate responsibility.

    I see they are now pushing it to a point of their needing to be top dog… Let me remind you PnP.. It takes a team rescuers, transporters and various other volunteers to truly rescue. Be part of the team, share the credit or you will soon find yourself unpopular and unwanted in the world of rescue.

  3. If I am understanding it correctly, does it really matter? Isn’t the object to rescue dogs and get them to their forever homes? Is it a matter of who does more? We
    all do alot to save animals and whoever wants to claim credit, well, so be it.

  4. I’m shocked. Can’t people just do good without all the red tape. I suppose there is some issue with their non-profit status/reporting, but still, this really sucks for the very critters you were trying so hard, at your own expense, to help.

    I still believe that you are heroes! ????❣

  5. Just another set of egos and it is sad. When I was coordinating transports for a rescue group I could never even get a response from PnP when I requested help. They need to remember that their funds come from donations and doing stuff like this will reflect that. The only ones hurt here are the animals.

  6. This change does not at all surprise me. Seems human nature takes over sometimes and the rules then change. Every rescue I’ve worked with developed a cultural attitude that changed the playing field, and not for the better.

  7. I think we should concentrate on saving dogs and cats and not get into the “people” issues. Help eachother. Don’t bash eachother.

  8. PNP has lost their real purpose. It now is about the glamour and fame. I should know, I have flown for them for over7 years and helped save over 3000 dogs and puppies. They do get massive amounts of donation money. The Exe Sec gets paid very well!! Somewhere around 40,000.00 plus.

    • I just came across this web site – I help with cat rescue in LA – and to me, I think to give credit where it’s due is important. I have seen many people who have been put in a certain light, and not a good light by the credit seekers when/where the credit seekers deserve NO credit at all on a particular situation. Personally I find these credit seekers and who often get it via the backs of others, quite annoying. If I see it and can, I don’t have a problem correcting it with the credit seeker.

      Unfortunately animal rescue can be a bitchy industry, (I’m sorry but it is) across the board and don’t get me started on all the corruption of monies and the waste of money via City officials and those who run the shelters. Money that should go to animals yet most often doesn’t.

      Boy, I could write a novel on this stuff, but it’s a sad sad world WE live in. But then as I have got older, I think most people love living in a sad horrible cruel world. A world run by monsters.

  9. I don’t blame you for being hurt and disappointed with PNP I was a transport coordinator that flew hundreds of dogs through the generosity of the Pilots. I will never forget that the secretary told me that I wasn’t allowed to post photos anymore. I had to go through channels. What they failed to understand is that I was posting the photos for the rescue and the Pilots. I just didn’t bother with it anymore and when I coordinated San Diego to Philadelphia for a retired War Dog and his handler, I wasn’t even able to give the Pilots the credit on their website. I know that a lot of Pilots have stopped replying to the forum as well. Damned shame

  10. I do see your side, but Pilot n Paws is a 501c organization that relies on donations. I am not sure why you think they should allow you to “advertise” or post on their site…we fly for PnP and we feel very valued by them. If you want something on their site, there is nothing wrong with sending to them the information to post themselves. I have done that with several stories about dogs that we flew. I think that is the respectful thing to do. PnP still has plenty of pilots willing to help the dogs – keep petty people problems out of it. Saving dogs is the bottom line.

  11. Why can’t we make this about the animals? Plain and simple, quit fighting over those selfies, recognition and kudos.

  12. This is beyond ridiculous. Having saved many dogs I must say I could care less who gets credit. As long as I know the dog is in a safe happy home that is all I need.


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