Have a Car or Truck? Please Volunteer Today to Become a Dog Rescue Driver

I recently wrote “Doobert Will Make More Dogs Smile in 2016” and talked about a new website that helps rescue groups transport dogs to a better future.

One aspect of the website Doobert.com that I gushed on about is how people without planes can now participate in the rescue of these awesome dogs in need.

By adding volunteer drivers to the transportation mix it will open up so many new possibilities when it comes to a successful dog rescue mission. Best of all, if you are reading this, you can play a critical role in a rescue mission with your car. No plane required.

You can see where the 5,000+ current registered Doobert users are located. Click here.


Pam and I would like to extend to you an encouraging push to register as a driver or pilot to help in future rescue missions through Doobert.com. It’s our platform of choice here at Pilot.dog and who knows, maybe we will have the chance to work together on a future dog rescue mission.

In fact, we’ve already taken the energy to become a Doobert approved rescue organization so we can enter ground transport requests to allow people to participate with the rescue missions we fly.

Pilot.dog is Doobert.com Approved

You can open a free Doobert.com volunteer account, by clicking here. Please do it.

And there is also a Doobert smartphone app to help keep you posted on all new rescue opportunities or trips in progress.

Here at Pilot.dog we plan to lean heavily on the capabilities of Doobert.com so we can allow as many people as possible to participate in the good karma and awesome kindness of helping a rescue dog in any way possible.

We serve the dogs who need us best by working cooperatively. When pilots and ground transporters work together, we can achieve miracles.

It can always be daunting to learn how to use new software or a website, but Chris Roy at Doobert has put together an excellent set of videos to explain how things work.

These videos will help you understand the platform and get going as a volunteer. Check out the videos below.

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