From the Flight Deck – KLHZ – Triangle North Airport

In my series on airports that dog rescue pilots should consider landing at is KLHZ, Triangle North Airport, near Raleigh, North Carolina.

The airport offers pilots a $1 per gallon discount for dog rescue pilots, the staff os friendly and the runway is long and wide. To be exact it is 5,500 x 100.


The Airport manager is Steve Merritt. Steve is a huge proponent of public benefit flying and a heck of a nice guy. When I asked Steve what people should know about dropping in to KLHZ on a dog flight he said,

“Our airport welcomes all types of public benefit flying. KLHZ is the home airport for Bahamas Habitat, which flies international relief missions, including the Haiti earthquake and responding to many hurricanes. We have several customers who fly Angel Flights, and a significant base of pilots who fly dog rescue flights. KLHZ has been the transfer point for many dog rescue flights and we really enjoy helping out with the missions. KLHZ offers a $1.00 per gallon fuel price discount for public benefit flying missions. You are always welcome at Triangle North Executive Airport.”

I will admit that KLHZ doesn’t have all the amenities, like a restaurant on the field, but it has some easy approaches, is not super busy, has a friendly staff, and is sympathetic to dog rescue pilots. It is a really nice airport to land at and walk the dogs.

If you are looking for food, ask about the crew car and head north to Louisburg for a bite.

The small terminal building has comfortable places to relax with the dogs. Bring them inside, they won’t mind. The bathrooms are clean and the women’s room has a little flair to it as well.

KLHZ is especially well suited for pilots flying from south of Raleigh, NC to points north.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.36.25 PM

There are a couple of items to just be aware of. The field can get busy on the weekend with parachute activities, helicopter training, gliders, and pilots flying in. If you are approaching the field and hear about parachute activities you don’t need to stay away but you do need to avoid any midfield crossover into the pattern at that point. The other gotcha is runway 5 is right hand traffic.

Runway 5-23 has instrument approaches on both ends but the ILS is on 5 only. RNAV (GPS) approaches are available either way. Raleigh approach control will be handling you on your arrival if you are using flight following or flying IFR.

And no matter what the official documentation might say, I’ve never know the GCO to work at the field. You’ll have to call in for a clearance on the ground. The Raleigh approach number is 919-380-3125.

Bottom line, I’d give KLHZ a two thumbs up as a relaxed and friendly place to land.

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