A Story of Dog Rescue Cooperation and the Miracle of Doobert.com

Doobert.com just published this video of a mission we participated in. Our long, drawn out, and very wordy flight video story on this mission is coming up but in the meantime I had to share this Doobert.com video with you.

The video is a wonderful quick look at how a bunch of strangers came together on short notice to save two dogs who needed to be rescued.

These rescue missions happen because a village of people all play a part to do the right thing for the dogs in need.

While Pam and I played a part the real people who need to be thanked and applauded in this video are:

  • Flight Coordinator: Linda Stronza
  • Sending Party: Becky Weddle
  • Receiving Party: Deborah & Michael Bullock – Almost Home Rescue
  • Doobert.com Driver #1 Charlotte to Greensboro: Sarah Kucharski
  • Doobert.com Driver #2 Greensboro to Raleigh: Angela Bowman
  • Pilot Raleigh to Delaware: Steve & Pam Rhode – Pilot.dog (We humbly list ourselves to fill the gap.)
  • Flight Volunteer: Theresa Jones
  • Pilot Delaware to New Jersey: Jeff Rednor

If you would like to register as a Doobert.com volunteer pilot or driver, just look below to get going.

2 thoughts on “A Story of Dog Rescue Cooperation and the Miracle of Doobert.com”

  1. Thanks for the video and for helping Dakota come to NY. Dakota is amazing and such an angel. She is getting soooo much attention and love and it’s only been two days…she’s adjusted great and at this moment she’s sleeping on her bed….in her forever home. Thanks again Janet & Marty Q.


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