Prestige Private Air Donates to Help Save Dogs

Pilots to the Rescue announced today that it will be forming a new collaboration with a Jet Charter company, Prestige Private Air, to rescue animals facing euthanasia.

Prestige and PTTR

In an effort to rescue more animals, Prestige Private Air has pledged a minimum of 10% of new membership dues and charter flights. These monies will be donated to Pilots to the Rescue to coordinate air rescue efforts. Whenever possible, Prestige Private Air will make empty cargo, empty legs and in-cabin space available for these same efforts.

According to Michael Schneider, Founder of Pilots to the Rescue this is a paradigm shift in the animal rescue space. “With nearly 4 million animals being euthanized each year, Prestige Private Air has taken on this issue by being a cause in the matter and pledging substantial funds towards our cause. Furthermore, these air rescue efforts are free of charge to our organization, and the customers chartering the aircraft will get the added benefit of goodwill knowing they saved animals with the money they were going to spend anyway. We are creating the possibility that other jet charter and major airlines will follow suit.”

“We are very excited and proud to have secured a partnership with Pilots to the Rescue. From here on out, we are making a difference in as many animals lives as we can.” Says Eldad Lieberman, Founder of Prestige Private Air

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