We Are Back Baby!

I’m finally able to share the news we are back in the air. Nobody is happier than we are.

The new autopilot installation took longer than expected but the primary guy who was responsible for the installation, lost his father during the process. It’s hard to get upset over the fact the guys father passed away.

But I flew the plane home to our base in Raleigh, NC and she flew like a dream. A couple of days ago I spent three hours flying and testing all the different instrument approaches and features of the new autopilot. It is amazing and will be such an improvement in our long flights.

New Autopilot - Avidyne DFC90
New Autopilot – Avidyne DFC90

When “Rusty,” the name of our plane, got back home we pushed her into the hangar and had a brief celebration that consisted of a snack bar and a soda.


Once she was home she needed a scheduled oil change so that was accomplished.


And while our trusty mechanic was there at the hangar, I asked him to look over the plane one more time to see if she was ready to start flying dog rescue flights again.

Not the typical way to seat in the seat.
Not the typical way to seat in the seat.

I’m so happy to finally announce we will be back flying dog rescue missions any day now.

Welcome home Rusty.

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