Well Hello Dolli

Flying Dolli to Frederick, MD

Dolli was in bad shape when she was rescued but her story has a happy ending.

Flying Mission Details

Flight Hours: 4
Our Out of Pocket Fuel Bill: $280

Dolli was rescued from a shelter in Elizabethtown, NC in August of 2015 by the American Pointer Rescue. Little was known about her other than she was young, about a year old, very shy and heartworm positive. She was scared of everything and would cower down if you even looked at her

Frances Flowers in Wilson, North Carolina, her husband Anthony and their daughter Olivia kindly offered to take her in as a foster. They have since worked with her and done a fantastic job of turning this shy afraid dog into a happy healthy adoptable one. Today, she is a very happy and playful pup!

Not long before this rescue flight, Margaret and Stuart Maybury, long time Pointer fans and owners from the New Haven, Connecticut area, applied to adopt Dolli.

They had owned, trained and competed high performing English Pointers, so naturally the first question the rescue group had was why Dolli, a reserved, petite Pointer who was still shy about leash walking and just wanted to be a house pet.

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Turned out they were done with the competing aspect of Pointer ownership and all that they wanted was a nice calm companion Pointer. Sadly, they had also just lost a Pointer to illness that looked just like Dolli, and Margaret had fallen in love with Dolli’s pictures on the American Pointer Rescue website. They were willing to keep working with her leash shyness and would be happy to just have her around the house. They were the adopters we were hoping for, but never thought we’d have for Dolli.

So needless to say, Dolli is an extremely lucky dog. She’s hit the adoption lottery with the Maybury’s.

A big thank you to goes out to Dean Chenarides and his fiend Frank who met us in Frederick, Maryland to continue Dolli’s journey to her new parents. Without great pilots like Dean, and others, the rescue flights would never take place.

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  1. We just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you and the team for giving Dolli a second chance at life. Dolli is a delightful puppy and keeps us smiling each day. Just remembering how frightened she was in the beginning, we are amazed that she continues to be full of spirit and love. We can’t imagine not having Dolli in our lives


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