A Bit of Good News in What Could Have Been a Disaster

So yesterday I posted an update about a miserable broken propeller related part that was going to cost a fortune to repair. See this story.

Last night our trusty airplane mechanic, Don, managed to remove the propeller from the plane and remove the part.


After removal of the spinner backplate assembly the crack doesn’t appear to be as bad as first thought. It looks to be repairable since the cracks did not fracture the piece by going all the way through.

Spinner Backplate Assembly Cracks Cessna 182

So it appears instead of the new $3,000 part we will be able to get by with the following reality.

$300 – Propeller Balancing When We Caught Issue
$150 – Removal of Broken Part
$120 – Shipping Both Ways
$700 – FAA Certified Welding
$150 – Installation of Repaired Part
$300 – Propeller Balancing After Repair
$140 – Fuel for Flight To and From Balancing (Twice)
$1,860 – Total

It’s a heck of a lot better than $3,000 but the plane will still be down for a couple of weeks.

And now you know.

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