Tater Tot and Lucky

On this flight we had a chance to transport a couple of the cutest Beagle pups you’ve ever seen. The smaller one, tater Tot, was so full of energy and love. Ann from the local rescue certainly shed more than one tear when they left.

Rescue Story

Pam from Pet Match Rescue contacted us to bring a young 13 pound Beagle to them in Trafford, PA. Since we were heading north to Michigan for the weekend we certainly made the flight.

The smallest dog is Tater Tot but Tater for short. He is a cute little beagle that was found in a shelter in Greenville, NC by Ann who rescues Beagles. Ann knew that Pam and Christine were looking for a little dog and contacted them.

When Pam told Ann we were coming to get Tater, Ann asked if we could take another Beagle up the Pet Match Rescue. It was another Beagle that came in the day that Ann was picking up another dog at the shelter so she named him Lucky. Lucky (25 pounds) is bigger than Tater but they soon became best friends and are inseparable. She’s had both dogs for several months and they were both treated for bad skin infections but have recovered nicely.


So early on a Saturday morning we flew from Raleigh, NC over to Greenville, NC to pick up the two dogs. What sweethearts they were.

Tater immediately goes up to people but Lucky is more shy and takes a few minutes for him to go to anyone. He was a little scared and didn’t understand what was going on. So we quickly put the harnesses on both dogs so they couldn’t slip away and walked settled them into the plane.

Tater was ready to get into the plane and wanted to jump in but Lucky wasn’t quite sure it. Pam settled in the back with Tater thinking that she would sit between them but Lucky and Tater wanted to right next to each other. Tater was curled up with Lucky so that he knew he wasn’t alone and that everything was going to be alright. They were both great on the flight and Lucky even seemed to quit shaking for awhile.


As we got closer to Latrobe, PA we ran into some clouds that were quite bouncy. Nothing like a little in flight turbulence to wake you up. At one point, while he was well secured, Lucky bounced up off the seat. Good thing we always tether them to the seats. Pam just kept hugging them and reassured them that everything was okay. At this point she put Tater on her lap so that she should snuggle Lucky right up next to her so he wouldn’t me as afraid.

We landed and were all happy to be back on the ground again. Pam from Pet Match Rescue and her niece met us at the plane.

Update: Lucky is such a sweetheart and they hope to have him adopted soon. He’s not as shy as he use to be. As for Tater, he has been adopted by Christine at Pet Match Rescue and his name is now Rusty.

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