Vixen’s Rescue Flight

Vixen made his rescue flight recently and managed to zoom at 170 MPH from his rescue to meet his new mom. He was a real treat to fly.

Pilot: Steve Rhode
In Flight Cuddlier: Pam Rhode
Rescue: Colleen Fennell – Save A Dog A Day
New Mom: Nancy
Sender: Gigi
Transport: Greenville, SC to Raleigh, NC

Steve & Pam of with Vixen
Steve & Pam of with Vixen

Gigi contacted Pam about a potential dog flight from Greenville, SC to Raleigh. Vixen is a 2 yr. old Black Lab that Gigi had been fostering for another rescue. When it came time for a ground transport, Vixen refused to be crated, so the transport wouldn’t take him. Not wanting to send him back to the shelter, Gigi contact Colleen with Save A Dog A Day and Colleen stepped in and found Vixen a forever home. They just needed to get Vixen to his new mom, Nancy, in Hillsborough, NC. We just so happened to be going to Greenville that weekend and offered to bring Vixen back with us on Sunday.

We flew down to Greenville, SC on Friday, August 5th for a Civil Air Patrol class Steve had in Asheville, NC the following morning. When Steve got to the airport on Saturday morning to fly up to Asheville for the class at o’dark thirty he noticed we had a flat tire on the plane. Good thing it didn’t happen on the landing! Unfortunately the airport didn’t have a mechanic that could come and fix the tire until Monday morning so we had to postpone our flight home and Vixen’s flight as well. Gigi and Nancy were very understanding and happy to wait until Monday to get Vixen home.

We have a great time in Greenville and bright and early Monday morning Steve was looking for a mechanic to fix our tire. By 12:30 the plane was fixed and Gigi came with Vixen to the airport. There is a little fenced in court yard at the airport and Gigi and Steve took Vixen out for one last potty break while waiting for Pam to arrive at the airport. Pam came and when we tried to put a car harness and leash on Vixen he wanted to play, he bolted from us! Just imagine four adults trying catch a frisky 2 year old lab, seems simple right? WRONG! That little stinker would let us get close then off he’d run with a big dopey grin on his face. After 30 minutes we finally caught him, got his harness on and off to the plane we went. He couldn’t wait to get into the plane and get moving. In fact he jumped into the plane on his own.

Vixen was a great passenger and sat up and watched us take off, he wore his headset proudly and seemed to really like flying. After a while he laid down next to Pam and started to nap. Next time Pam looked down he had is head on her lap and sound asleep. After about an hour or so of flying Vixen decided he wanted to sit were Pam was sitting so he climbed on top of her lap and sat there and watched out the window as we came into Raleigh.

Vixen is a BEAUTIFUL, energetic puppy still and loves to be on the go. He came with a bag full of toys that he loves to carry around. How anyone could turn such a sweet and lovable boy into a shelter is beyond our comprehension. His new mom Nancy just loves him so much that he goes to work with her daily. He got to stay home the day the cleaning lady came and he followed her around with a rag in his mouth in case she needed it. He’s settling in so well and he looks as if he’s always been in his new home.

We want to thank Gigi for fostering Vixen (now Jacob) and contacting Colleen when a problem arose. And a big thanks to Colleen for finding him a new home. Then there is Nancy who has taken him into her heart and giving him all of the love he surely deserves. Thank you all for everything you have done to save this wonderful dog from the inevitable at a shelter.

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  1. What a great story.
    Any thoughts on his to help out Saving Carson Shelter a Dogs in Gardena Calif?
    They are to capacity, they can’t keep up w/ what us coming in. They say due to people breeding their dogs.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.
    They are PTS to make room on the dogs that have not been adopted/sick.
    Thanks for anything you can do.



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