Festus and Heidi (Poppy) Update – Doing Great

If you read our story PUPPIES, DUTCHESS, FESTUS AND POPPY, we’ve got an update.

Julie who is the new mom for Festus and poppy, now Heidi, reports they are doing great. So happy the Heidi emerged from her blindness and is now a happy and frockling puppy.

Julie said, “Update! Festus is doing great…obsessed with car rides…seems to love to travel and is willing to copilot if you need him! Heidi. formerly Poppy is doing wonderful..she has doubled her weight…vision is perfect…loves everyone and the beach…we could not have asked for two sweeter members to join our family.”

A big thank you to all our supporters who helped with donations.

Heidi (Poppy)
Heidi (Poppy)

If you have not watched it, here is their flight video.

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