Jeepers and Clementine

Again we were given the opportunity to fly dogs for the amazing Mr. Bones & Company. Elli, from Mr. Bones called and asked if we could fly 5 puppies from Hickory North Carolina to Just outside New York City for her. Of course we would. We love flying for this wonderful rescue group. Mr. Bones and Company has taken some of the most horrific animal abuse cases you’ve ever seen and have gotten medical treatment and behavioral treatment for these dogs as well as finding loving and caring homes.

Elli has a wonderful foster in Hickory, NC, Jill, and we don’t know how she does it but Jill finds the cutest and sweetest dogs around. The first group of dogs for this flight were puppies and called the Jeeper’s, each named after a Jeep model. There was female pups Cherokee and Liberty, and males dogs Wrangler, Patriot and Renegade. The dogs were 10 weeks and huge for puppies. Weighing between 10 to 15 pounds.

The Jeepers were from an unwanted pregnancy between family dogs. The father was a large Pitbull and mom was a hound dog. The owner wasn’t able to take care of the puppies so he gave them to Jill. Jill is working on having the owner have the female hound dog spayed so there will be no more unwanted puppies.

Clementine is the white also flew on this mission. Jill found her roaming around the area and the owners didn’t want her. She had puppies and they sold the puppies but didn’t take care of Clementine.

She is approximately one year old and very sweet but very much afraid. When Jill took her in she pulled off over 30 ticks and she was covered in fleas. Clementine is adorable and will make an awesome addition to any family lucky enough to adopt her. Pam held her most of the flight and she just wanted to lean into me so Pam just gave her lots and lots of love!

It started off as a beautiful day. Steve, our volunteer Wyatt, who is also a student pilot, and Pam landed in Hickory, NC to meet Jeff, Jill’s dad, his friend Burke and all 6 dogs. It’s always a pleasure going to meet Jill and her dad, they are such sweet people and truly love the dogs!

We loaded everyone up and headed to Harrisburg, PA where we would refuel before heading to our final destination of NY. Once in the air the pups decided there was not enough room in their crate for all five of them so Cherokee and Wrangler came up with Clementine and me to nap their way to NY. The other three pups stretched out in the back and slept. Everyone was happy and cozy.

When we landed in Harrisburg we were surprised to see a presidential Marine helicopter landing there. Little did we know that the President would be there in a couple of days and his security team must have been there to prepare for his arrival.

Flying to Westchester, NY proved to be challenging for the lovely weather we had in the south was definitely not in the north. But we made it safe and sound to meet Elli and Sara who were then taking the pups to their foster’s in NYC. It was so hard to say goodbye to these little munchkins, especially Clementine but we needed to get back in the air before the weather got any worse.

Once we took of and got above of the cloud cover it was sunny and clear. Luckily the clouds and rain were low and we could break out easily. It was a long, long flight and day but we were happy to be able to help 6 more dogs to be able to have a better future.

On this 1,300 mile trip we managed to have transported over 100 dogs to new homes. It make us so proud to play a part in helping these amazing dogs find their way to a better life. But none of this could have happened without the wonderful supporters we have following us and the Rescues who put so much into saving these dogs that contact us for transport. It’s so true what they say, It takes a village to rescue a dog.

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