Alfie, Fancy, and Freedom

We were contacted by the wonderful Pam Knichel’s of PetMatch Rescue of PA to help them bring up four dogs from a Shelter in Whitesville, NC.

Pam was told the dogs had been rescued but the rescue decided they couldn’t keep the dogs so the dogs were being put back into the shelter and would be first on the list to be euthanized. Pam couldn’t let this happen. So she asked us if we could get them as soon as possible. We flew to get them the next day.

We flew to Whitesville to get four dogs but ended up with three because when they went for their Health Certificates one of the dogs had an upper respiratory infection and couldn’t fly. We would go back and pick her up when she was better.

We were greeted at the airport by the Columbus Humane Society who brought the dogs and Animal Control Officer Joey Prince to talk to local television stations reporters to talk about the flight and the wonderful animals we were flying to new homes. We were not prepared for this so while Steve handled the interviews Pam got the dogs in their harnesses and ready for the flight.

Alfie, a cute Pit Bull who had been at the shelter for three months and no one had adopted her. There was nothing wrong with the sweet girl but people thought that since no one had claimed her there must be something wrong with her. Alfie was actually named Alfalfarina but everyone caller her Alfie. Even dominate and grouchy dogs didn’t seem to phase her. She keeps her sweet temperament no matter what the environment is. She flew as our co-pilot. Alfie is in a wonderful foster just waiting for her home.

Freda and Freedom were owner surrendered by the same family. The owner lost her job and could no longer keep them. Freda was the one diagnosed as having a cold and couldn’t fly with us. Freedom was a black and white pointer/bull dog mix male puppy. He was such a cuddle bug. He flew in the back with Fancy and kept her company. Freedom is about 4-5 months old and still had the goofy puppyness about him. Freedom is now Toby. He was introduced to his pawrents that very day. They had been pre-approved for adoption and were just waiting for their sweet boy to come home. He’s very happy in his new home.

Fancy is a pointer mix and approximately 2 years old and found as a stray. She was very frightened on the plane at first but soon warmed up to Freedom. Pam noticed she had a strange discharge from her nose and would occasionally cough. Pam kept a close eye on her to make sure she was ok.

The flight was wonderful and everyone slept most of the way, except Steve. We landed in Latrobe, PA at the Arnold Palmer Airport where we met Pam and the fosters. The first thing we did was tell Pam that we felt something was wrong with Fancy and that she was the one with the respiratory infection and was very lethargic. Pam had been on the phone with the shelter who was keeping Freda for Pam and they said she was fine, no signs of an infection. No coughing or anything. The vet that the shelter used got the dogs mixed up. Fancy was the one who should not have been flying but we are so glad that she did because when Pam took her to the vet that day, not only did she have the respiratory infection but she was also pregnant. That was something the other vet didn’t notice. Fancy was put on special antibiotics since she was pregnant and is now being fostered by a vet tech who will take her for her regular visits and keep a good eye on her. PetMatch will have puppies to adopt out soon!

Freda is being kept safe and we are flying back down to Whitesville in two weeks to pick her up and four other dogs to take to Pam at PetMatch Rescue.

Flight Photos

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  1. what a way to save dogs. have been watching you guys for a little while and love what you do.keep up the great work and love to all the animals. lyn xoxo


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