These are dogs that are available in our area but you can visit to look for your own special new family member.

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  • Chihuahua
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  • Think you're not a "small dog" person? Think a gain! Murphy is a handsome little man with a heart of gold, and he's hoping you have one, too. Murphy came to Saving Grace needing some TLC for his feet as well as dental surgery, and has bounced back from his treatments fantastically! He is building his strength and confidence and can walk up and downstairs quite well, but jumping onto higher places like the couch is slightly out of his reach at the moment. The couch is by far his favorite spot, though, so he'd appreciate a lift! Murphy 's favorite pastime is cocooning himself in blankets, leaving nothing but those adorable ears poking out; gobbling up spoonfuls of peanut butter is a close second! Murphy is well-mannered and doesn't have a mean bone in his body--in fact, he hasn't barked or growled even once in his foster home! Murphy 's style of affection is curling up by you, and maybe resting his head in your lap; he knows better than to scratch and whine at you for a belly rub or a bite of your lunch. He is happy sleeping on his own, or in the same room as you. Being the leisurely dog Murphy is, calling his name will get his ears to perk up, but not quite enough for him to come running. He is not one to stray far from his people, however, and understands boundaries both indoors and out in the way only a mature doggy could! Murphy would be more than happy in a calm, quiet environment with a few folks for him to hang out with. His size and easy-to-please attitude make him an excellent fit for smaller spaces, but any size place will do! Come meet this fabulous fella today! Please note we are working with limited staff/volunteers at this time. For full details of our current adoption appointment policy, please see Highlights: We are working with a very limited staff/volunteer base We do not have the people power to respond to emails/call about specific dogs Our appointments are limited to 2 people at a time and for a maximum of 30 minutes. Please arrive at your appointment ready to meet the dogs we have available. At this time, many dogs are in foster families or not yet posted on our website. Be flexible and ready to meet any number of wonderful dogs available onsite at the time of your appointment. All puppies and dogs at Saving Grace are crate trained, have been spayed/neutered, are up to date on their vaccinations, are on heartworm preventative and have been microchipped. Their adoption fee is $375.00. Each has been carefully screened for disposition and temperament in order to provide your home with a safe companion that will enjoy life as your new family member. Our Adoption Form can be completed online at our website at . An Adoption Form is required before setting up an appointment to meet with a potential adoptee or a foster home. Sending an Adoption Form does not commit you to an adoption, it simply provides us with background information on potential homes. If you'd like to donate to help cover the cost of care for these wonderful dogs awaiting new homes, please visit the donate page on our website at . Saving Grace is a small, non-profit 501-C3 organization operated by volunteers only. Most of our animals come from rural animal control shelters where lack of space and resources limit their time and adoption possibilities. Thank you for choosing Saving Grace! We look forward to helping you find your new companion and family member.