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Best Friends Animal Society set up an impromptu shelter at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas where lost pets from Hurricane Harvey were kept safe in hopes their families would find them and take them home. Luna was one of the hundreds of pets at the shelter waiting for her family. Using the Find My Lost Pet website, Luna’s family saw her picture and knew right away it was her. They contacted the volunteers at NRG Arena who we worked with to set up a transport to get Luna home.

The transport was quickly filled by a dedicated couple, Laura and Jeff, who drove the entire transport, over 100 miles. Before the transport, Laura and Jeff worked to get donations from local pet stores and received a crate, bed, toys heart worm, flea meds and food for Luna. Luna’s history hasn’t been very easy as they came to find out. She was initially an abandoned dog roaming the streets of Laredo, Texas. She was brought to Houston and had been passed around many, many times.

On Saturday, September 30, Laura and Jeff drove to the NRG Arena to pick up Luna and start her journey home! Laura said that Luna was an absolute angel during the transport and was such a sweetheart. Luna enjoyed the drive even though they were stuck behind a 10-car pileup on the way to College Station, Texas. Luna seemed to enjoy the calmness of the ride with the quiet conversations they had with her and soft music playing. This was a far cry from the NRG Arena with over 500 rescues still waiting to go home.

Luna’s family was elated that they were going to see her very soon as they said, “The family is in delighted shock that we finally get to see our precious Luna! Thank you and your organization immensely for this gift!” Luna had a warm welcome home with endless hugs and love. She is now safe at home with her family. Watch the video below to see the sweet reunion!


Luna’s Reunion with her Family




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Meet Momma! She is a Great Dane/Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Momma has been a stray for a few years in Memphis, Tennessee. A good samaritan had gotten her spayed and kept her current on shots.

The temperature was about to drop below freezing, so Momma was in need of a furever home. She is 65 lbs, good with other dogs but is a little shy. Momma was heart-worm positive, and was looking for fundraisers to help pay for her treatment.

Momma was renamed Maya when she got to her new rescue. Maya was brought in by Sweet Strays Rescued in Memphis, Tennessee. The founder of Sweet Strays Rescued, Leslee, tries to catch strays she sees wondering the streets in Memphis. She also takes in owner surrenders so they will not end up on the streets like Maya.

Sweet Strays Rescued found a shelter in Akron, Ohio willing to take Maya. It was a tough journey for Maya as she compiled a list of health issues. She was heart-worm positive, had a double ear infection and had a sinus arrhythmia. From Maya being a stray and running around the streets, she had abrasions and irritation between her toes. On top of that, Maya had a concern for a compound fracture in her right rear hock.

While a series of tests were being done, she was healing with medication for her ears and feet. Although she was in the healing process, Maya still needed x-rays of her chest and rear leg.

After a long journey and traveling over 700 miles, Maya made it to Akron, Ohio where she is at Uno’s Happy Ending Rescue. Thanks to the volunteers who were involved in Maya’s transport, she is now off the streets and is ready to find her furever home.

To learn more about Sweet Strays Rescued check out their Facebook page here.





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Gabbie was seized from her owners and taken to NE Georgia Animal Shelter in Lavonia, Georgia. When Gabbie arrived at the animal shelter, they immediately rushed her to the vet. Gabbie is about 5 years old and was bred until she could no longer have puppies. Since she could no longer have puppies, her family couldn’t make any money off of her. They then turned to using Gabbie as a bait dog in dog fighting.

The horrible world of dog fighting took its toll on Gabbie, leading her to have the conditions she currently has. She is currently in private boarding where she will receive the rest of the vet care that she needs. You can see from her pictures that she has a lot of healing to do but will have those scars that will tell her story forever.

Thanks to Rescue Transport USA and all of the volunteers involved, Gabbie was transported from the shelter in Lavonia, Georgia to the temporary foster in Lindale, Georgia. After she spent time at her foster, Gabbie moved to a more permanent situation in McDonough, Georgia.

Gabbie spent two weeks in a foster home where she has healed enough physically that she is ready for her heartworm treatment. She will remain with Share the Love Rescue until she completely heals, but until then she  will cuddle, rest, and keep on smiling!



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A North Carolina Police officer, was working one weekend night in December. He came across Frankie wandering the streets, tangled up in a rope with no collar. It was in the 30’s that night, which is very cold for southern North Carolina, so he took him to the Police Station where Frankie spent the night in the basement.

Legally, he had to turn him over to Animal Control on Monday morning, and Frankie was taken to the County Animal Shelter. Frankie tested positive for heartworms and since he was approximately 6 years old, it was very unlikely that he would be adopted out. His rescue was told he would likely be euthanized by the end of the month.

They made the decision, with the help of Long Trail Canine Rescue, to pull Frankie from the shelter. Over the last five months he has undergone treatment for heartworms and had a benign tumor removed. He has been a trooper through everything given the circumstances.

Frankie was posted on the Long Trail Canine Rescue Facebook page and within a day the Rescue was contacted by a person who first saw Frankie in the shelter and was happy to know that he made it out of the shelter and was being taken care of.  

Thanks to Long Trail Canine Rescue and all of the volunteers, Frankie traveled over 800 miles from Matthews, North Carolina to Montague, Massachusetts to his forever home. 




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Meet the Puppy Trio!

These three pups, Callie, Carter and Chopper were part of a local family in Mooreville, Mississipi. They had a batch of puppies that they wanted to get rid of but they could not find a home for these three. Storyteller’s Express was contacted by an adopter they are familiar with who worked with the surrendering party.

They got the pups to to the vet for their basic vetting needs as well as their health certificates. The pups were fostered by the person who contacted Storyteller’s Express until they could fill their transport. Their foster even drove the first leg of their trip!

With the help of dedicated volunteers, these three traveled over 1,000 miles from Mooreville, Mississippi to Ogdensburg, New York. The trio had a lot of interest as they made their way North. Callie, Carter and Chopper are amazing puppies and as of this past weekend, they are all in their forever homes! One of the pups got adopted on their transport after a home visit in Maryland, one was adopted by a local foster in New York and the third was adopted by a local family!

To learn more about Storyteller’s Express, you can find them on Facebook.





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Meet Thelma and Ben who both came from the streets of Serbia where many dogs are poisoned, abused, tortured and often treated as vermin. Dragana is a rescuer in Serbia who takes dogs off the streets and pays for them to be boarded in a kennel with another 200 or more dogs. Goran runs the kennel and makes sure to see that the dogs get vaccinated, spayed and neutered. Both Goran and Dragana adopt out their dogs to other countries such as the U.S., Germany and the UK.

Above and Beyond Transports heard this rescue had setters and setter mixes in the boarding kennels, so they set out to see if they could help them. They discovered they needed to find someone flying into the U.S. from Serbia. Flying the dogs over with someone would only be about $300-$400 each compared to sending them on their own around $1,000.00 each. Each dog was fully vetted and traveled with their International Pet Passport, documenting all of their vaccinations and tests for any diseases.

Luckily, Goran had friends that flew from the U.S. to Serbia quite frequently and they were very willing to bring dogs over with them each time they flew. They flew into the Boston-Logan airport in Massachusetts where Above and Beyond Transports had help from fellow rescuers, Tara and Anntoinette, that were willing to pick up the dogs at the airport and hold them for transport.

Thelma and Ben arrived on April 4th. This past weekend they were transported to their foster homes by Above and Beyond Transports and they are doing well in their new homes. These two have quite the story and journey, from dogs on the street in danger of being killed, to much loved members of a family! Thanks to Above and Beyond Transports and all of the volunteers involved, Thelma and Ben traveled over 1,400 miles from Danvers, Massachusetts to Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Above and Beyond Transports thanks all of their generous donors. They were able to raise the money to bring these dogs in dire need over to the USA. Some people have asked why they are saving dogs from out of the USA. There are several setter rescues here in the states and their dogs have a lot of help. There are rarely any setters in need that are not already with a rescue or on their way to a rescue. Above and Beyond Transports saves all of the setters in need that they hear about, and also have enough foster homes for the Serbian dogs as well.



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She was found as a stray in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Brandie looked as if she had been on her own for awhile. A local couple found her on the streets but unfortunately they could not keep her very long. Since Brandie was outside the city limits of Sand Springs, the couple could not take her to the shelter in hopes her owner would come looking for her.

Brandie was posted on several Facebook pages and groups, but there was no luck. The owners could not be found and no one claimed her. This led the couple and her new rescue to believe she was dumped to become a stray, not knowing how long she had been out on her own.

After searching for her owners, Brandie would not be alone anymore!  She was brought into a boarding facility where she was kept safe until Magnificent Mutts was called for her. Sadly, like many other dogs in Oklahoma, Brandie was heartworm positive since she wasn’t given medication to prevent it. In the hands of Magnificent Mutts, she will no longer lack care and love!

They found someone to foster Brandie in Illinois and thanks to RACE4Ran, she was transported over 700 miles from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Hillside, Illinois. Brandie will be loved and living the good life just as she deserves! She is a beautiful and sweet dog that all of the volunteers fell in love with the second the met her.

Brandie is looking for her forever home and she loves people of all ages and will be an amazing and loyal four-pawed addition to someone’s family!

To learn more about RACE4Ran you can go here.



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Meet Max! He was recently transported from Oxford, North Carolina to Midland, Michigan to his new foster home.

Max’s owner could no longer keep him, so they left him in a drop box at a local shelter after hours. The shelter Max was left at was getting very full and he only had 72 hours left in the shelter. It was a rush to get Max safe, and in the last hour, Pointer Rescue Organization saved him.

When Max was found, he had medical issues with one of his eyes and one of his paws. Max had very bad calluses on his elbows and was always looking for attention. and he would paw if you stopped petting him. Pointer Rescue also says that Max was fearful of the grass, but would look for concrete, as if he never knew anything different. After taking antibiotics and steroids, his conditions are starting to heal. Unfortunately, Max tested positive for heartworm, and will start treatment at his new foster.

Max had an overnight with a family along his route and they shared their story of their time with Max. They said that Max is such a sweet dog and did not know how a family could just give up a part of their family. Max is very well behaved. At his overnight stay, he knew how to tell them that he wanted to go outside, but he was timid once he got outside into a new environment. With another foster sibling and more dogs barking around the neighborhood, Max needed a little encouragement after sitting right next to his foster family.

After a while of taking in his surroundings, Max felt more comfortable in this new place. It was a sad sight to see Max timid of being somewhere new. After being in the same home for his whole life, to moving to a foster, they felt he could feel he was no longer at home.

At his overnight Max made a great friend. So close, they almost adopted him, but they couldn’t at the time. One of the people watching Max was 82 years young, and she wished she was twenty years younger so she could enjoy going out on walks with him. Max would sit in front of her, receiving unlimited head scratches! When he first arrived at his overnight foster, Max did not14516485_10210894707670742_7363692530054444949_n-3 appreciate hugs or kisses, but by the time he left, they were one of his favorites!

The next morning, Max was ready to start his journey to his new foster home in Michigan. He hopped right into the front seat. As the ride went on Max climbed to the passenger seat and dozed off. When it was time to switch drivers, Max did not want to leave, hiding behind his first driver. It was a struggle to get him into the next car but Max did it. They say he is a very proud, well mannered dog.

His new friends wish Max nothing but a good and happy life and to find his forever home very soon. Thanks to Pointer Rescue, Max is at his new foster, ready to be adopted and find his forever home. Pointer Rescue is a non-profit group of coordinators and volunteers across the United States dedicated to the rescue of purebred Pointers. They pull English Pointers from Shelters, provide foster homes and ready them to be Companion Pets for approved adoptive families. Max is on his way to a new and healthy life.




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Dogs can be strangers to each other just like people.

Meet Zephyr and Sabre! A few weeks ago, these two had no idea about each other. They were brought to Orange County Animal Control in Orange, California. Zephyr and Sabre were terrified while they were living in the shelter. As each day passed, they were shaking in fear, terrified for their lives.

Doggone Happy Animal Rescue in Delaware saw these two and immediately wanted to save them. Dawn, from Doggone Happy Animal Rescue, contacted Rescue Transport USA. Considering the distance from California to Delaware was across the country, they did not know if a transport was possible.

As their transport was being finalized, Dawn had Zephyr and Sabre put into boarding at El Toro Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, California. They were placed into boarding in the middle of Augustreceived_1456352257715337, and almost two months later, they were finally on their way to their new rescue. A cross country transport calls for a lot of planning and organization, but it is possible!

Believe it or not, one of our own Doobert drivers contacted Rescue Transport USA saying she was planning on driving across the country and would take Zephyr and Sabre with her! With their transport planned, they headed out for a 2,729 mile road trip. Over four days, they traveled across the country getting spoiled rotten along the way. Along the way they stopped at pet friendly hotels where they got luxury beds, treats, toys and lots of love!

The boarding expenses became pretty steep for the receiving rescue while waiting for the transport to be filled.  Anyone who is willing to help the rescue with boarding the paypal address is

From not knowing each other before this transport, Zephyr and Sabre have become best buds with a whole team behind them. Thanks to everyone involved in their transport and getting them to their new rescue! Thanks to Rescue Transport USA for coordinating their trip.

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He is a two year old male Redbone Coonhound. Tex was found as a stray and was brought to a local shelter in Brownwood, Texas last October. No one came looking for Tex, a handsome, friendly, loving dog. Sadly, Tex was left to live in the shelter.

Since no one came to get Tex, he was put on the euthanization list. He was listed as urgent, needing immediate rescue or transportation from the shelter. Just in time, Tex was pulled from the shelter by All Hounds on Deck located in Lincoln, Nebraska. All Hounds on Deck specializes in large, scent hounds and knew Tex was the perfect match! They are a foster-based, non-profit, no-kill rescue.

Just last weekend, Tex had his freedom ride thanks to RACE4Ran. This rescue and their dedicated volunteers transported Tex almost 800 miles from Brownwood, Texas to Lincoln, Nebraska. It was no surprise that all of the volunteers who met Tex fell in love with him! During his journey, Tex made himself comfy, cozy and right at home wherever he was!

Tex is currently at intake, playing and running in a yard with the other dogs at All Hounds on Deck. He is waiting to find his foster or forever family so he can live his life as a loved pet! Thank you to RACE4Ran and all of the volunteers involved, Tex was saved from euthanization and is awaiting his forever home.




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