Home or Away for the Holidays, Pet Parents are Including the Whole Family.

With the holiday season upon us it’s time to start shopping, planning, and getting excited for all that much needed family time and love. Some of the most deserving of this family time are none other than the family pets, of course! The ones who love you unconditionally all year and want to be included in your holiday plans just as much as you want to include them.

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Shelter Animals Can be Helped by Service Dog Programs

By Christopher Williams

Every single day, thousands upon thousands of dogs find themselves inside an animal shelter. The really sad part is that despite the staggering numbers, these animals represent only a small part of the population because the overwhelming majority of them never make it to the shelter in the first place. To make things even more sobering, dogs that are in a shelter have a remarkably small chance of being adopted and finding a home where they can live out their days with loving owners. In fact, there are studies that exist which show in North Carolina, as many as 95% of the dogs that make it to the shelter never get out of it alive.

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