When someone becomes a supporter them become a part of our dog rescue flight team and our extended family. Supporters are the real heroes who help to make all of this happen. – Pilot Steve

Your support means the world to animals and we are incredibly grateful. Your gift will have an IMMEDIATE impact on saving animals in need.

Thank you for caring about the fate of these animals and making it possible for us to help them.

On behalf of the animals, thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Some Testimonials

“Thank you Pilot.Dog!! You made this possible:) ❤️ I encourage all my friends and animal lovers to support you . What you guys do for so many wonderful animals is simply AMAZING!” – Chrissy – Rescue Mom of Benny

“I have to say I was blessed to have been able to foster both of these fabulous dogs! Pilot.dog was amazing to deal with, the Salem County Humane Society made this possible and of course the new families are just the greatest! I could not have been more proud with the way everything turned out!” – Jennifer

Pilot.dog Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) recognized nonprofit organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible.

Tax-Deductible Donation Options

If we had to chose between which donation option below is preferential, we’d rather have you join us as an ongoing mission supporter.

Most of the dogs we’ve flown have been rescued an hour or two from being euthanized at overloaded shelters in North Carolina.

In fact, the kill rate at some North Carolina shelters has been as high as 99 percent for dogs.

This is Boscoe who was rescued in North Carolina and was thought to be certain to die from potentially fatal heartworm infection. Boscoe was nursed back to health by his loving and caring foster family and when he was well, we flew him to be adopted by his new furever family.

Hi. I’m Steve Rhode and my wife Pam and I are just two average people who happen to have the skills and lucky ability to play a small role in saving the lives of dogs who need urgent help, medical care, or need to get to their new distant forever homes.

dogIn 2015 we founded an IRS recognized nonprofit group, the Pilot.dog Foundation, along with an amazing group of directors that include doctors, a fire department chief, veterinarian, certified dog caregiver, and an experienced nonprofit adviser.

We use a trusty 1974 Cessna 182 airplane and donate our time and skills to help dogs that need help.

But I think what makes our dog flights different is we really invest extra effort to make the flights special for our canine passengers. If you watch our videos you will see Pam is generally cuddling with the dogs on each flight to give them the most loving transportation possible. We transport dogs with hugs and all the extra love we can give them.

All we ask is that you become a valuable lifesaving member of our dog rescue aviation team by donating the equivalent of the cost of one gallon of aviation fuel. At this time that’s about $5. 

Just to share the math with you, for each hour in the air we burn about 14 gallons of gas and fly about 175 MPH. Just the fuel bill is about $70 per hour. We also have to set aside $70 per hour for maintenance and related issues. Each rescue flight is typically five flying hours.

Pam and I sincerely appreciate your help to save the lives of dogs, one flight at a time.

Steve & Pam Rhode – Pilot.dog

Dearest FAA: It is important to note that none of the funds received are used as compensation for flights. The funds raised are used to help with all the other operational costs our efforts require.

Here are three critical facts to remember:

  • We receive no financial aid from any government entity.
  • We never charge a fee of any kind.
  • We are entirely dependent on contributions and volunteer efforts to save dogs.
Donors are automatically added to our VIP list for opportunities to fly with us and cuddle dogs as an inflight volunteer. Watch your email for upcoming opportunities to fly with us.