Do These FREE Things and Become a Super Sexy Dog Rescue Rockstar


Saving the lives of dogs is not a one person effort. It seems like it takes a village and a half to do all the things necessary to rescue dogs.

Here at, we help to fill the role of fast and compassionate transport through the air but so many others help to participate. From the rescue, volunteer driver, fosters, placement agencies, medical care providers, and more; everyone plays a role.

Others play a critical role in these lifesaving missions. Those people are our donors and supporters are so amazing, kind, and help though their tax-deductible financial gifts.

But we acknowledge not everyone can afford to donate a financial gift to our little non-profit. However, there are some very important free things people can do.

Help Spread the Word – Be a Flyer

We’ve prepared the following flyer you can print out and post everywhere you can think of where people might be interested in saving dogs.

Generic Donation Plea

The higher resolution versions of this flyer are here (right click on link and save it to your computer) and a PDF version is here (do that right click thing again).

Share – Share – Share

Another way to help is to share our story links, posts, and whatever strikes your fancy. The more people on social media who are aware of what we do, the more they will stop by the website and that would be terrific.

Subscribe – It’s Free

If you have not subscribed to our free weekly email update, now is the time to do it. There should be an option to the right to drop your email address into our newsletter list. You can always unsubscribe with just one click so you’ve nothing to lose.

Do you watch videos on YouTube? Then you absolutely should make sure you are notified when we release the next flight video. Jump over to our YouTube channel and subscribe there.

Register to Fly With Us on a Dog Rescue Flight. That’s Free as Well.

It costs nothing to register to be an inflight volunteer to cuddle dogs. Just click over here to get that process rolling.

So There You Have It

See, there really are a number of free ways you can pitch in and help out. Pam and I really appreciate the help, sharing the flyers, and whatever else you can do.

In our eyes you are a rockstar and part of the team of terrific volunteers who care.

Steve - Pilot & Pam - Dog Flight Caregiver
Steve – Pilot & Pam – Dog Flight Caregiver