How We Do It

How We Do It is an all volunteer organization. Steve and Pam are not compensated for the flying they do. But they give their time and services in an effort to save dogs in need.

[info]FAA: Hi Guys, please note that the funds we raise are not used to compensate pilots for the flying they do for The pilots painfully bear those costs out of their own pockets. All pilots who help are not compensated or hired as per FAA regulations.[/info]

Money raised for the work we do at is used for other much needed uses other than to compensate private pilots.

Pilots however are eligible to tax a tax deduction for flying bonafide public benefit missions, like those we fly.

The FAA Says This…

“As a matter of policy, taking into consideration the fact that Congress has specifically provided for the tax deductibility of some costs of charitable acts, we will not treat charitable deduction of such costs, standing alone, as constituting “compensation or hire” for the purpose of enforcing [Paragraph] 61.118 or Part 135. If taking a charitable tax deduction for transporting persons or property is coupled with any reimbursement of expenses, or other compensation of any kind, then this policy does not apply.” – [Signed] John H. Cassady FAA Acting Chief Counsel – Source

FAA Order 8900.1 (Volume 4, Chapter 5, Section 1, paragraph 4-922) which also states that “inspectors should not treat the tax deductibility of costs as constituting ‘compensation or hire’ when flights are conducted for humanitarian purposes.”) – Source