After the Flight

After the Flight
The work goes on long after we’ve said goodbye to our sweet passengers.
You would think that all that happens after we return back to our airport and land is to go home. Oh if it were so.

Remember the 30 minutes of getting ready we told you about before the flight? Well it’s about the same after parking the plane.

We have to wash the wings to get all the bugs off, wash windows, clean out the plane, reorganize the inside of the plane, tie the plane down, put the plane cover on, and then make sure all the appropriate flight logging and recording has been completed.

It might not sound like must but after a long flight, it seems to take forever before we can tuck the plane into bed and say goodnight.

After the After Flight

And then after that, we’ve got at least another eight hours of video editing, photo processing, and communications related with the flight.

Quite frankly, it is all exhausting but a labor of love.