Getting Ready to Go

Getting Ready to Go
Lots to do before we take to the air to rescue the next dog.
Life would be wonderful if all it took to fly a successful mission was to unlock the door to the aircraft and takeoff. Yea, it doesn’t work like that.

Every successful rescue flight takes a lot of work once we get to the airport. Sure, getting ready for the flight involves the typical stuff like fueling, getting air traffic control clearances, pre-flight safety checks, making sure the plane is safe for flight, dealing with route entry in the avionics, etc.

But there is also a lot of work prepping the plane for flight. Pam does a lot of cleaning and organizing for the dogs. She is managing our range of supplies like harnesses, leashes, water, and snacks for the dogs. She’s also dealing with what the organization will be in the plane, where the dogs will sit, and if we will need an emergency crate or not.

On average it takes about 30 minutes to work our way through all the pre-flight activities to get ready to go.