Requests and Logistics

Requests and Logistics
Pam busy multitasking and communicating with pilots and shelters while two of our dogs supervise.
Pam is the brain behind dealing with the organization of the flights. She handles all the flight requests that come in.

When she has found a flight that looks like we can help, she talks to Steve about the flying part of the mission. After all, he’s the pilot.

A number of considerations go into pre-planning a flight. It gets especially tricky if it is a multi-leg flight where we have to meet another pilot at some distant airport and pass the dogs off to the next pilot who will take them further across the country.

Logistics is really a complicated affair that Pam handles really, really well. Pam has to organize where we will meet our dog passengers, when we will get together, what the dogs situation is, and how to organize them in the plane for flight.

No flight would ever take place without Pam’s amazing handling of the requests and logistics that go into a successful mission.