Welcoming the Dogs

Welcoming the Dogs
Well hello there and welcome to the Pilot.dog family.
There is more to welcoming the dogs than most people would imagine. When we meet the dogs there are a number of factors to consider before loading them into the plane for transport.

For example, frequently the dogs have not met each other before the day of the flight. We need to observe them and see how they are going to relate to each other. We also have to make sure to gather the necessary paperwork for transport and to hand the dogs over. The dogs are cleared by a veterinarian for transport and are medical approved to go.

We also have to manage the emotional component of the situation. On a flight we did recently the owner of the dogs was giving them up to us to fly to their new forever homes. Things worked out well but in situations like that you have to be very aware of the emotional status of the dogs and the owners.

Here is a video of that trip.

We then get to know the dogs and give them loads of love before loading them in the plane. We like them to know they are in compassionate hands.