Tangled in the Cold

A North Carolina Police officer, was working one weekend night in December. He came across Frankie wandering the streets, tangled up in a rope with no collar. It was in the 30’s that night, which is very cold for southern North Carolina, so he took him to the Police Station where Frankie spent the night in … Read more

The Mississippi Trio Travels to New York

Meet the Puppy Trio! These three pups, Callie, Carter and Chopper were part of a local family in Mooreville, Mississipi. They had a batch of puppies that they wanted to get rid of but they could not find a home for these three. Storyteller’s Express was contacted by an adopter they are familiar with who worked … Read more

From Danger to Unconditional Love

Meet Thelma and Ben who both came from the streets of Serbia where many dogs are poisoned, abused, tortured and often treated as vermin. Dragana is a rescuer in Serbia who takes dogs off the streets and pays for them to be boarded in a kennel with another 200 or more dogs. Goran runs the … Read more

Pet for a Vet Dog Rescue Flight Helps Save Four Dogs

This flight is for, four dogs that were either abandoned or put up for free on Craigslist. Four innocent dogs that were left on their own because their owners didn’t want them anymore. Is so sad but it happens everyday here in the South. Luckily for these four they were taken in by a rescue and foster to care of them.

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Would You Leave Your Dog at a Shelter?

Meet Max! He was recently transported from Oxford, North Carolina to Midland, Michigan to his new foster home. Max’s owner could no longer keep him, so they left him in a drop box at a local shelter after hours. The shelter Max was left at was getting very full and he only had 72 hours left … Read more

Jeepers and Clementine

Again we were given the opportunity to fly dogs for the amazing Mr. Bones & Company. Elli, from Mr. Bones called and asked if we could fly 5 puppies from Hickory North Carolina to Just outside New York City for her. Of course we would. We love flying for this wonderful rescue group. Mr. Bones and Company has taken some of the most horrific animal abuse cases you’ve ever seen and have gotten medical treatment and behavioral treatment for these dogs as well as finding loving and caring homes.

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June (Now Palmer) is Loving Her New Life

Maureen adopted June, Benny’s sister, and her new name is Palmer. Palmer is with a loving family and just reinforces why it is so important to help rescue these great dogs. Maureen said, “Jake’s (the former Benny) sister is getting along just great with her new sister Bella!! They are such a wonderful pair!!! Many thanks to all who helped us along the way!!!”

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