The Site You Came From Helps to Save the Lives of Dogs


If you have landed on this page after visiting a website and clicking on a link it means that you came from a site that Steve Rhode is involved with.

Most people know of Steve as the Get Out of Debt Guy, a consumer debt expert who helps people for free by answering questions and providing advice on how to deal with difficult financial situations.

But people are unaware Steve and his wife Pam are also non-profit dog rescue pilots who started the Foundation to help save the lives of dogs through aviation.

Steve is an instrument rated pilot and Pam is master of logistics and puppy cuddling who makes every flight special.

Steve & Pam dig deep in their own pockets each month to help fund the dog rescue aviation work they do to help relocate dogs in need of medical care, new homes, or adoptive families. But they don’t do this all alone. There is also a growing support network of caring people who help by giving support from as little as $1 a month.

No salaries are paid here at so everything we do is out of the love of caring for good dogs in bad situations.

We invite you to subscribe to our email list, like us on Facebook, watch our flight videos, and as always, consider becoming a member of the team by clicking here.