Where Are They Now – Amber & Puppies

Skin and bones Amber finds some time in flight to sleep on the Pilot.Dog plane.

Fantastic news just arrived about Amber. She was an emaciated momma dog we flew to LaMancha Animal Rescue with her nine pups.

Immediately after giving birth, her owner in North Carolina surrendered her to a local shelter and landed her on the Code Red kill list but thanks to the SPCA Alliance of NC she was rescued.

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Amber and Her Nine Puppies Fly With Danny – Podcast

Amber gives her puppy a nuzzle or kiss.

Mission – Saving Two Dogs and Nine Puppies is the Mission of the Day This flight and the saving of these dogs, who would have otherwise been killed for lack of shelter space, was made possible by our amazing supporters and patrons who help us out for as much or as little as they can … Read more